Case Study

Symantec Government Symposium

What does it take to create the must-attend government IT event of the year?

For years, the Symantec Government Symposium, a government IT security and management event, drew a few hundred attendees to Washington, D.C. However, Symantec knew the potential of the event was far greater. It sought to improve traction and attendance to its annual Symposium, while increasing its exposure and gravity in the market.

O'Keeffe & Company first worked with Symantec to transition the Government Symposium from a single-vendor, product-focused event to a broad-based, public/private collaborative event. To help shape the program and drive attendance, O'Keeffe & Company engaged an advisory group, comprised of government and industry representatives; developed a mix of government and industry speakers in five new program tracks; and used both push and pull strategies for the renewed public/private partnership focus.

O'Keeffe & Company continues to build on and execute the Symantec Government Symposium with precision, building on the success of the previous years' events and growing the number of government speakers, sponsors, and attendees, as well as the focus on public/private partnerships year after year. To ensure ongoing success, O'Keeffe & Company focuses on superior public relations, speaker placement, website development, creative branding, and attendee marketing.