Case Study

iSIGHT Partners

The Kaptoxa point-of-sale malware set Target and other retailers reeling. It stole sensitive customer data and made the public think twice about what information they share with retailers. Compounding the damage, consumers were left in the dark about the specifics of the attack and what steps they should take next.

iSIGHT Partners, a leading provider of cyber threat intelligence solutions, and the U.S. Department of Security decided to take action. They turned to O'Keeffe & Company to develop and execute a high-profile public education campaign to keep the public informed and prepared for action. The campaign also elevated iSIGHT as “the” trusted source for cyber threat analysis.

The campaign's message permeated the business and public sector media, from the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg to MeriTalk. In all, the campaign generated more than 1,750 news stories – print, broadcast, and online. More important, iSIGHT Partners built strong relationship with the media and established itself as a go-to source for future cyber threats.