Case Study

CDW-G K-12 Connected Heat Map

Thanks to E-Rate, 99 percent of America's K-12 public schools and libraries are connected to the internet. Many U.S. schools, however, do not have enough bandwidth to meet the needs for digital learning.

To better understand the current state of classroom connectivity, CDW-G worked with O'Keeffe & Company to develop the K-12 Connected Heat Map, illustrating the prevalence of wired and wireless connectivity state by state.

The K-12 Connected Heat Map was unique from other reports in that it provided initial findings and also served as a living website. CDW-G worked with O'Keeffe & Company to survey 400 IT professionals from K-12 public school districts and private schools to build the heat map and left the website open, inviting schools nationwide to continue to input their wired and wireless data to further develop the map.

With 14 unique media placements, including major education publications, a cumulative reach of more than 750,000, and more than 300 website entries from schools and districts across America, the report enabled CDW-G to better understand and share K-12 schools' current internet connectivity and plans for future implementation.